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clone from the shroud

act one scene 1

vatican city laboratory

after years of research a dna sample from the turin shroud has been cloned and the news that a  suitable  egg had been impregnated meant the papal authorities now had to wait 9 months for the birth

scene 2

private swiss hospital

the time has arrived but to the dismay of the pope and his inner circle of bishops, who knew of this experiment , the child is born deaf dumb & blind .

scene 3 fast forward 25 yrs

after being raised secretly in a private hospital in switzerland. news has reached the vatican
that a brain surgeon practising in henley in arden warwickshire  england may be able to perform an operation to rectify his situation, they decide to send him there accompanied by his doctors.

act 2 scene 1

council estate on the edge of birmingham

kenny price an ageing single ex muso is getting his 10 yr old son ready for school

he hurries him to the car, straps him in the back seat , then jumps in the drivers seat and speeds off onto the wet and icy december morning,his first stop  to drop his son off to school then to go on to his job teaching people with mental health and addiction problems to play the  guitar at wendy's farm clinic. his son is concentrating hard playing his hand held gamestation with the volume up max.

as kenny turns his head to shout at his son to turn it down (because he wanted to play him a recording he had made the previous night ), it was this, and not seeing the car that was approaching on the wrong side of the road that made his car go into a skid, it was in that fraction of a second as he past that approaching car on this quiet shortcut that he noticed this serene looking bearded young man sandwiched between muscular guards.

"f...ing idiot" kenny shouted they could have killed us, as he just managed to steer round the sharp corner and race on to work.

but he didn't know or see that the other car carrying " christopher jason " as he was now  known, had  also skidded on the ice, and that christopher   went flying through a hawthorn hedge on the side of the road, sending him hurtling through the air as the door bursts open and he ended up spreadeagled in a field lying on his back, his face & body scratched by the hawthorn bush, lying still, his blood speckled face being washed by the drizzling rain falling down from above. 

he lies motionless, his minders and driver unable to help as they lie unconcious also.
then suddenly his eyes open. and as the rain pours down upon him he looks up to the sky and he shouts  ....        father i am ready

there is a loud clap of thunder as he staggers to his feet ,brushing the twigs and soil from his tattered clothing, then slowly getting his bearings he begins to walk toward the church spire of the parish  church in henley, silhouetted in the distant murky light, he stumbles on  across the farrowed field toward  the house of his fathers children


act 3 scene 1

 church steps, tanworth in arden parish church

chris reaches  the church and walking up the well worn stone steps  finds the large oak doors firmly shut ,he starts banging on them with his bloodied fists shouting let me in to my house, for i am home

it's now nearly nine o'clock in the morning ,and as the passing commuters start hurrying to work, alongside moms with their children, rushing to school , on this dark wet and miserable monday, the sight of a half naked man  covered in blood, with tattered clothes and hawthorn twigs caught in his unkept hair shouting that he has returned to do gods work as his son. 
of course ,soon a crowd gathers and this alerts  the local 
         police passing  on their mountain bikes
when they approach him and ask if he is allright he tells them he is the son of god and he had returned to save the world,and  as he started hailing scriptures to the rubberneckers holding the traffic on the high st, they try to coax him to the ambulance, that had arrived with its sirens blazing ,adding to the ensuing drama.

 but he said he had important work to do

 it was when one of the constables tried to grab chris's  hand, to pull his arm around his back ,that chris hurled the constable  five feet in the air  and sent him tumbling down the church steps, " you must understand i'm here to save you not to harm you" 
the constable landed safely on the top of the yew hedge 

we need backup he groaned as his fellow officer fired the first taser into chris's chest, chris  drops to the ground and is soon jumped upon by the large jamaican mental health  cpn, who quickly administers a large tranquiliser and then chris  is strapped to a stretcher before being driven away to wendy's farm clinic where kenny price  works.

to be continued in

act four scene 1 

wendy's farm clinic.  

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